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  • 25/03/2014

    New Changes To The Paid Parental Leave Act and Fair Work Act

    Last week, the Federal Government announced changes to the Paid Parental Leave Act which removes the requirement for employers to administer Government funded parental leave pay to their eligible employees, rather, employees will be paid directly by Centrelink from 1 July 2014.

    This is on top of the more substantial amendments to the Fair Work Act introduced by the Government on 27 February 2014, which includes proposals to expand the subject matter of IFAs and turn back the clock on the Labor Government's right of entry changes, amongst others. For more on both changes, see the article enclosed.
  • 11/03/2014

    Employee v Independent Contractor – Beware Of Sham Contracting

    In a follow up to our previous article on this matter (Sham contracting cases reveal risks for employers) the Courts have again demonstrated that hefty fines await those employers who incorrectly engage workers as independent contractors, as opposed to employees.