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  • 19/08/2014

    Employers Beware: Awards of damages in sexual harassment cases just increased five-fold

    Employers who have not updated or properly implemented sexual harassment policies within the workplace may be liable to pay out upwards of $100,000 to harassed employees pursuant to a landmark decision from the Full Federal Court.

    This decision has created a significantly higher benchmark for all future sexual harassment cases, which highlights the importance of appropriate training and policies in the workplace.
  • 05/08/2014

    Redundancy and Redeployment: Your Obligations

    The Fair Work Commission has confirmed that an employer’s obligation to offer redeployment opportunities to employees does not necessarily extend to similar roles performed for the business by contractors. This redeployment obligation is important for employers in order to avoid a redundancy being found to be an unfair dismissal. However, employers must still be able to justify such a decision not to redeploy a staff member whose position is redundant, in order to fall within the ‘genuine redundancy’ exemption from the unfair dismissal jurisdiction.